Monday, January 26, 2009

Too Much Time on My Hands

I post way more than you do. Oh, what's that you say? I don't have two kids, a husband and a job outside of the house? Oh, right, I don't!

I hope I entertain you! I kinda feel like these posts are our own secret diary between each other.

Back from the gym again. I'm trying to not drive when time allows. Something like this:

Walk 5 minutes to the bus stop
Wait for the bus (in the cold)
Ride the bus for 30 minutes or so
Walk for 10 minutes to the gym

And do the same in reserve back home, so I'm getting an extra 30 minutes of movement in. I won't always be able to walk since it takes over two hours!

Ok, I'm ending phase 1 a day early. I'm over it and I have my period, so I'm adding in fruit. I'm going to try that for a week and then grains.

I was seriously craving either nachos or grilled cheese today and I managed to overcome that. Oh, and I did find these little veggie spring rolls at Whole Foods in the frozen food section. Five of them are 250 calories with 25 grams of carbs. I had that and a big old salad tonight for dinner. I figured that was smarter than a plate of nachos. So, fruit after tonight.

I also decided I'm going to try Spenda sweetened ricotta with berries for a sweet treat. I used 1/4 cup of ricotta and a splash of vanilla with two packets of Splenda and whipped it. It's in the freezer to have with fresh berries. We'll see how that turns out.

Ok, night!

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