Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hump Day

I really quite like this little bloggy program we've got going here.

First! Super de duper congratulations on 10 pounds. You rock my world and I feel a little inferior. I'm holding steady at 6 pounds. Girl, whatever you decide to do about your tummy is up to you and I'm behind you. Surgical intervention is not for me. One, I'm scared. Two, I'm too cheap...hello, vacay? And three, I'll just deal with it. I'm more worried about what I look like with clothes on than without. I can't even think about the prospect of someone else seeing me with my clothes off. Yikes!

Today is Day One on meat and on Phase 1 of SBD. Meat is good! I love it. I had groceries delivered this a.m. and there is lots of good stuff.

Even though I'm gone for the next week, I'll have stuff in the freezer and ready to go. Tonight, I'm making this. Looks yummy, huh? Of course, I have to make alterations. I'm using turkey smoke sausage and then I added swiss chard, cauliflower and some sun dried tomatoes (dried, not packed in oil). I'm only making a half batch or so, so I'll freeze it for when I'm home.

Aside from that, it's pretty much salad city for me for the next week when I'm traveling. Alot of the other girls at work are dieting, so it'll be easier. We have two organized nights out, but they're apps only and we have one night off. I already talked to one of the girls and we're going to go shopping for snacks and to make salads to bring to the office AND we're going to bring our gym clothes to work out, too!

Tomorrow, I head to the OC and I'm staying at a nice Marriott, so I'll be using the gym. I get in at 4 tomorrow afternoon and there's no reason I can't be at the gym before dinner!

You know I HATE the gym and hate working out. Remember back when we used to do Saturday morning hikes? And Colleen worked out with me at the gym in the office? Wow, what a gift that was. Oh well, I can do this by myself.

My goal for January is 10 lbs. I am a slow loser. But, I'm a loser!

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