Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm Sleepy.

Ok so it's official, the Geg and Bug ditch the fat-o-rama is on like donkey kong. I am energized? Excited? Not so much. I am tired! I think I must be detoxing a lifetime of white flour and sugar out of my body, not to mention alcohol and fruit. I started the South Beach Diet yesterday 1/4/09 and a total body clense which roughly has me ingesting 8 capsules of fiber, two digestive capsules and three liver detox capsules a day. FUN TIMES!!!

So the deal with this blog is that Geg and I will post whatever we want to about our Diet. I am putting it out there, as of Sunday 1/4/09 I weigh just shy of 200lbs. 199 to be exact. I could make excuses like oh I just had two kids 16 months apart, but the truth is, neither one of my precious babies forced the ice cream, pizza and cookies down my throat. I shamelessly used them as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted. I KNOW BETTER.... So this is not a resolution, It's just two girls who know what to do slapping themselves in their big fat faces and saying WAKE UP.

Let's see what tomorrow brings, right now I gotta eat a piece of string cheese.

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