Monday, January 26, 2009

Hi, My Name is Geg...

and I've lost 14 pounds!!!


14 pounds? WTF? I'm so excited and close on your heels! (Of course, that was weighing AFTER a poop this morning, but I don't care!) 14 lbs is 14 lbs. I feel like this hasn't been so hard. I actually don't even recall it being hard when I did it the first time. It's not that it's hard, it's just that it's easier not to do it.

I know that this is going to get tougher and I'll have to stick with it. I have to remind myself that the goal here isn't just to lose weight, but to get and STAY healthy. The goal isn't so much getting there, it's staying there. I got there once, but as for staying there? I failed miserably.

You know how you hear about people who have "body dysmorphia"? Usually girls who are super skinny who see themselves as cows? I think I'm kinda the opposite. Denial much? I mean, I don't see myself as thin, but I've never really seen myself as heavy as I am. Not good. Trying to get a reality check.

Will you please be the kind of friend to help me with a reality check? As in, if you see me and I'm looking a little chunky -- ask me about it? Remind me that I need to keep my ass in gear! I know that you'll love me know matter what, but I need an extra set of eyes and perspective.

Ahhh....Paris! We were both so thin. And young. And carefree. My how things change.

I'm so proud of you for losing 15 pounds. I think that's excited and I can't wait to see you. S mentioned to me a few days ago that she saw you whenever it was and that she could already tell a difference in you. That's impressive!

Now, for you, missy! Get out there and get moving! Now is the time of year in Phoenix that's perfect for doing outdoor stuff? Take the boys for a walk around the neighborhood in the fancy stroller you have. You and Ryan should totally do the walks that we used to do on Saturdays when we did Squaw Peak. Fun!! I know that the gym is hard for you, as far as getting away. I've heard that the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels is pretty good. I have it in my Netflix queue to see if I like it or not. And the Biggest Loser Cardio Max, too. I love that you can sample these on Netflix.

Tell me what you learn from your Mummy Tummy book. Sounds interesting.

I'm really proud of you and excited to see you. I have visitor passes for you for the Y while you're here. Yes, I can put up with you from Tuesday to Saturday as long as you'll spoon with me. Is your conference Wed-Fri?

So, let's see, you're here in four weeks from tomorrow? A little friendly competition? Say 8 lbs by then? If we both lost 8 lbs by then, we'd be at a total of 23 lbs each!!! That's almost 50 lbs lost between the two of us! Dang!!!

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