Wednesday, January 14, 2009


OK so craziness I know, but it's official. I have lost 10lbs so far on phase I of SBD. I know most of it is water and some from the detox but I will take it. My stomach is noticeably less bloated as is my face. Geggie, Now the hard part is coming. How can I get motivated to start working out. I HATE WORKING OUT. There is just no getting around it I know. My biggest area of concern is my lower abs. After two babies and two C-section my ab muscles are just stretched to the max and in deep deep hibernation. I am scared I will never get some resemblance of my old tummy back. No mind you Geg, I don't need to have rock hard abs or a six pack. But there is the portion now of my lower stomach that is extra skin and I am fearful that the only way it will go away is by surgery.

Obviously that would be a last resort, I will work my ass off with diet and exercise first, but I have to admit for the 1st time in my life I am actually considering a "enhancement" type surgery. We'll see... It's lot's of money to spend that we don't have any business spending.

So lot's going on with me in the next two weeks. I have decided to extend phase I another two weeks before introducing whole grains back into my diet. My goal for January is 15lbs and I would really like to make that 1st big loss as I know things will slow down considerably once I re-introduce the right whole grain carbs. Then I have my new trainer starting on Thursday. I am super excited about her, she is great. Tuesday the 20th I start back to school at UoP, I have been working towards my degree in HR management and took a hiatus once Julian was born. It's all online, however I am really nervous about how I am going to manage it all. However I will do it. I have not done anything developmentally for myself since my divorce with A.M. so it's time. Once I have that completed I am going to go for the Masters and then call it a day. I have really found my niche in the Training/HR world so I figure might as well go all in right.

All those suggestions sound Fab for Chicago. On Thursday night what I will probably do is make that the night I take my employee and a few people from class out to dinner and then meet up with you after class somewhere downtown. We can figure it out. I would love to try Bon Soiree, maybe Friday night???? My only request is that Friday night is our night to hang out and have a rockin good time. My flight leaves later in afternoon on Saturday so we can sleep in! Mommy never gets to do that!

OK enough for now and back to work. Talk to you later.

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