Monday, January 26, 2009


Wow, I am so excited. I have achieved my weight loss goal for the month of January. 15lbs. It's funny, I thought my clothes would be a whole lot baggier, however not so. Well let me re-phrase it. They are looser in specific areas, Shirts fit better, legs are baggier, but the lower stomach, while definitely has gone down is still my big problem area.

I ordered a book called "how to lose your mummy tummy" it is written by a RN/certified mid-wife who saw that over her years of experience and follow up with her clients that regular ab exercises does not help women who have had children either naturally or by c-section. It's dedicated to working the transverse ab muscle which "Regular" sit ups and balance ball work does not accomplish. I am excited so we shall see.

You know what else I am excited about.... OUR DINNER OUT!!! Seriously Bug, I miss you so much too and can't wait to see you. We have so much catching up to do. Also just want to confirm that I am staying with you the whole time so Tuesday-Sat. Hope you can handle me...

To your point about being motivated about the size 8 that you were, I was looking at our Paris pictures. Wow both of us looked so GREAT! We are well on our way to looking that fabu again.

I made your bean and chicken stew with Swiss chard last night. LOVED IT. So yummy and filling.

Tonight is Cod with Olive Tapenede and grilled asparagus. Yum.

Talk to you later.

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