Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hump Day Hump Day

Today is Day 5 on the Master Cleanse for me. I'm still plugging away.

I feel much better than I did yesterday. By about 7 last night, I was feel just about normal (whatever that is). I had a couple cups of tea and lots of water and I'm all good.

Strangely, I seem to be getting big bursts of energy in the evenings. It seems like I start to get ready for bed about 10 and then I'm not sleepy so I do laundry or putz around the house. I'm getting stuff done, so that's good!

I just need to find someone to take the trash out, that's my least favorite chore and it's COLD out there. More snow overnight, and it's kinda sunny today and more snow expected later in the day.

The SWF is getting easier and the "eliminations" are getting more interesting. That's all I'll say. I definitely have to start on probiotics as soon as I'm finished to get some good bacteria back into my system.

Here's my plan for exercise. First, I think that maybe I overdid it on my walk yesterday and that's why I felt faint/dizzy? Between the fast walk, the cold and lack of food...ya think? I have to travel from the 15th to the 23rd, so the last week of the month I'm planning to join the Y. Hopefully, the "January Joiners" will have lost interest by then and it won't be so busy. The Y is running a promo -- no sign up fee if you sign up in January and the monthly fee is $47, which is good for around here. The gym closest to my house is $69 a month and $299 initiation fee. Dang!

I'm trying to figure out if I'm going to fast for the whole 10 days or just eight and do the OJ for the last two days, so it would still be a full 10 day fast. I just want to get the most benefit from the actual cleanse, knowwhatimean? What cleanse are you doing? Do you like it? I may try that in another six weeks or so.

Off to do more work and drink my fabulously delicious spicy lemonade! Yum!

BTW, I'm proud of you! I'm really looking forward to salad! Yum. And oddly, I'm craving chili, so I think that will be one of my first SBD goodies to make!

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