Monday, January 19, 2009

Ten Pounds?

I've lost ten pounds, if I go back to how much I weighed before the holidays when I lost a few pounds. I'm using that because it makes me feel encouraged to have lost ten pounds. Is that cheating? I mean, I did weigh 10 pounds more six weeks ago.

I'm heading out the door to catch my flight to NC. Blech. I just want to sleep.

I bought this when I was in CA. I found it at TJ Maxx for twenty bucks and though, why not? It's hard. I did one of the 55 minute DVDs yesterday and only got through about 40 minutes before I finally wimped out. I like that it has resistance bands. But, there is some tae bo and I'm so not coordinated and it threw me off a little. I'll just keep at it until I get it down.

I'm planning to hit the store today when I arrive and get all of the fixings to make my own lunch for the meetings this week. Hopefully that will help. We only have organized events tonight and Wednesday. Tomorrow night is off, so that's good. And I'm hitting the gym tonight too! Whoo hoo!

Today is Day 6 of SBD and damn if I don't really want something sweet. I haven't been doing anything with Splenda or anything, but I may have to rustle up a sugar free fudgsicle soon. I could annihilate a Snickers bar or something today. I will not give into temptation this week!

How are you? What's going on? Update please? Did you lose another 10 pounds you overachiever, you?

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