Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ricotta = FAIL!

Yeah, that was a waste of $5 on fat free ricotta. I think I'll freeze it to make lasagne. I'm thinking of doing a half zuchinni/half lasagne noodle dish to cut the carbs. At least then I won't have to toss the ricotta.

I did come up with a fun little breakfast/snack thingy though. I know it's not Adkins we're doing here, but it's tasty.

I LOVE fried ham. So I have ham, toss it in the fry pan, flip it once when it gets warm and add a little bit of grated cheddar to it and roll it up to make a kind of ham & cheese burrito/taco-y thing. Cheesey and salty, which is what I've been craving lately. I'm having that and a big ol' salad for lunch right now and then I'm going to hop in the car and head to the gym.

I hope I can get my car out of it's spot. I haven't started it in over 2 weeks. It might be iced in! Yikes!

I have to tell you, I'm completely jazzed! I'm just feeling good about my choices and the future. I'm having fun cooking. It's kind of like a little competition with myself to figure out how to eat the MOST food for the LEAST about of damage. I'm really trying to do whole foods, nothing prepared/prepackage. (Except those silly spring rolls last night). I've been making all of my salad dressings, too.

I have a can of mandarin oranges and I think I'm going to do the salad that we LOVE with the oranges, raisins, walnuts with the rice wine dressing for dinner tonight with grilled chix.

I wish that I liked yogurt. I just can't do it with the tangy weirdo flavor. I did buy some egg white beaters to try and do the quiche cups. I'm scared. I wonder if I do something with bisquick or whole wheat flour that would make it easier for me. I'll investigate!

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