Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day Three and Feeling it.

Ok so things are happening. It's day three of The South Beach Diet, from this point forward to be referred to as the TSBD, and my detox. If you don't like to hear of bodily functions, move on. Last night I was up all night peeing or pooping and OH MY GOD, the smell of both. I have never done a detox before so I can imagine the years and years of toxins that are stored up in my body. Now I am not going as full blown as Geg, she is doing the Master Cleanse- You go girl... I can only imagine what is happening there for you.

I am also feeling/seeing the detox in other places. I woke this morning to a dull aching in my low back, (I carry a lot of stress there so no surprise) my face broke out in pimples, and I have an overall feeling of malaise and heaviness. I am upping my vitamin C intake as well as gargling with cayenne pepper to help ward off any sickies that might try and invade me right now while by body is going through this change.

So on to TSBD- Day three and so far so good. I really do love the food so that makes it so much easier for me. What I have noticed is that this diet is not for the person who can't prepare their meals ahead of time. But I guess that is any diet, except maybe weight watchers who gives you a broader spectrum to choose from. For my meals yesterday I had the following:

Breakfast- Veggie Quiche Cups- I used organic produce (keeping with the detox) and free range eggs instead of called for egg substitute. I don't have a cholesterol issue so I am more liberal with my eggs. The veggies are spinach, bell pepper, onion and a little hot sauce mixed with a little cheese to help bind and then the eggs. Bake in muffin tins and delish.

Snack- Handful of almonds

Lunch- Big romaine salad with 1 can of tuna, tomatoes, mozz cheese and olive oil and lemon juice dressing. Small cup of sugar free Jello.

Snack- String Cheese Stick

Dinner- Black Bean Chili- All Veggies and VERY SPICEY. Very Filling and Good. We made this on Sunday and this was the left over we finished off.

Today more of the same for breakfast, lunch will be a veggie burger and large salad, not sure about dinner tonight.

I am waiting for the energy, the clarity of mind, the sense of accomplishment to come. One other interesting note about the detox that I noticed this morning is that I am craving quiet around me. Noise is very bothersome, and quiet for me is impossible since I have two young boys. I think I may start meditating and doing light yoga and stretching before bed to clear the mind and bring some inner peace. Funny what happens when you start really listening to what your body and soul needs.

How are you doing today Geg?

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