Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Spoke too soon...

I might have.

About that whole no severe reactions to the detox yet. Rewind and do over. As I write this, I'm laying on the couch feeling dizzy and nauseous and generally yucky.

I had a big burst of energy and had to go to Fedex to send a package and figured I'd walk...in the snow. I bundled up and don't you know, I slipped on a patch of ice under the snow right in front of my building. I'm fine, thanks for asking.

I walked briskly to Fedex about 3 blocks away and started home. I was just a block from the house when a wave of dizziness and nausea overcame me. I got in the house and sat down to work and was still feeling dizzy when I had to rush to the bathroom to "eliminate". Boy howdy.

Still dizzy, the nausea gave why to dry heaves and a little vomiting. Vomiting what, fercrissake? Bile and a little peppery lemonade. Gag me some more why don't you.

I don't know if my brisk walk was to much for me or what.

I've made a cup of tea and I'm almost done for the day. I'm just going to continue to take it easy.

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