Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sicko the third

OK.. seriously.. what person over 5 gets a double ear infection??? I am kidding but have to laugh out loud at your co-worker's comments. It does sound like you licked a preschooler. If I didn't know about the whole space time continuum I would think you teleported to my house and had J & JP breathe all over you.

Get better please. The up side to all of this is that we are both sick WAY before my trip. YIPPEE. So all that means is that we will be well rested and ready to work out, eat a good meal and have a few drinky drinks.

When you feel better call me, we need to catch up on some current events... for instance the guy I work with and his drama, Oh and our most favorite buddy we traveled to Prague with.. see I am being so good, protecting the names of the innocents lest they not want to be mentioned. I recently have caught up with the latter and have some depressing news about folks you and I know through him.

Good Night my Geggie Geg, As I say to my sweet J and JP at night; Sleep with the knowledge that you are loved and protected, Dream the dreams of the innocent and awake to the beauty of a day unkown.

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