Saturday, February 14, 2009

HVD From the Couch

I'm still on the couch. I don't really feel a whole lot better. My cough seems to be getting worse, how is that possible?

My little nest on the couch is a giant down comforter, my pillows, kitty cats, magazines, tissues, etc. The couch will have to be disinfected soon. I'll have to disinfect everything before Ashli gets here.

Back to our trip...what else do you want to do? Anything in particular during the evenings? Meals are an obvious choice. Do you want to try any specific types of cuisine, restaurants, etc.?

For our fancy night out on Friday, I'm thinking that we go to The Violet Hour for drink ahead of time. I think it looks great!

The Bar at the Peninsula Hotel is supposed to be great, but it's out of the way for our dinner on Friday night. We could meet there for drinks one night after work.

Any exhibits or museums that you'd like to visit? There is a Robert Mapplethorpe exhibit at Northwestern that looks interesting.

I really think that one night we should go to Sun Wah for Chinese BBQ. It's really close to the house and wow, it looks spectac! I've not eaten there, but I walked by and licked the window. Maybe after the gym one night?

Happy Anniversary & Valentine's Day!!

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